Caring for Goldfish Properly

If you learn how to take care of goldfish, your pets will have a better chance of living a long and happy life. Get tips on feeding these fish as well as keeping their environment healthy.

The first step in becoming a successful goldfish owner is choosing healthy fish from the pet shop. When you inspect the fish tanks at the pet shop, try to take in the entire picture. If the tanks are full of sick or dead fish, the environment is overcrowded or the water is cloudy, you may not want to buy your fish from this establishment. It’s never a good idea to choose a healthy-looking fish from a tank that contains sick fish because that fish will most likely come down with whichever illness the tank mates have.

What you want to see are clean tanks with active goldfish and not to many of them in a single tank. As you zero in on particular individuals, look for smooth scales without blemishes and make sure the fish have undamaged fins. Healthy goldfish have clear eyes, and their fins shouldn’t appear clamped. Goldfish are very sociable, so it’s usually less stressful for them if they have a tank mate or two. Just make sure you don’t purchase more fish than your tank can safely support.