Caring for Your Garden Pond: Tips from the Pros!

We think having a pond in the garden is a lovely way to introduce new creatures and plants into your garden.  They do however, take some maintainance, so it is with pleasure we share our favourite tips from the Royal Horticultural Society and their hints for keeping your garden pond healthy and happy!

  1. The best time to clean your pond is actually during the late autumn, when lots of living things are less active.
  2. To clean your pond, begin by preparing a separate holding tank in a cool, shady spot for your fish and deep water plants to be transferred to.  Use a little pond water in the tank.  Edge plants will survive outside of the pond as long as they are kept cool and moist.
  3. Drain ponds using a pump – these can easily be rented from a DIY store.
  4. Remove fish as they become visible as the water level drops.
  5. Put any other creatures within the holding tank as you see them!
  6. Scoop up any silt from the base of the pond, keep a small amount to the side to add back to the pond in order to re-establish mini organisims.