Developing a Great Garden Pond

Having a pond in the garden is a great way to bring a calm sense of peace to the space.  If there isn’t a natural water source on your property, why not build your own pond!  They can be practical, beautiful and a good habitat for wildlife to enhance your garden setting.

The first stage in planning a garden pond is to think about what kind of pond you want.  Do you want to form a wildlife pond, which focuses on being a part of the natural landscape?  These are not stocked with fish, so can be a great place for frogs, slugs, water sliders and other animals to use.  A traditional garden pond is generally more ornamental, with lily pads, plants and artfully arranged stones.  There’s often some form of waterfall and fish such as goldfish or koi carp.

Choosing a location for your pond is important: most ponds are best placed in a location which gets a little sun and shade.  This allows plants to grow and keep algae at bay.