Looking After Cichlids Properly

As part of our guide on keeping your fish healthy, here’s our guide to looking after cichlids and ensuring they have the right care for their needs.


The perfect temperature for cichlids is between 22-28 degress celcius.  If the aquarium is warmer than this, ensure you keep fewer fish!

pH and Water Hardness

The pH should be around 7.8-8.5 which is fairly neutral to alkaline.  Use white limestone or coral substrate to help achieve this.  The water hardness needs to be around 10-15dH, replicating similar conditions to the Malawi Lake in Africa.

Maxmium Size

Most cichlids grow to about 6″ in length, but some (in the right conditions) can grow to around 12″!  Bear this in mind when filling your tank…


As cichlids can be fairly aggressive, choose the same species of cichlids in order for them to co-exist happily.  Making sure they have the right size tank is important as some cichlids can grow quite large!